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Born in '77, born in the province of Modena, the son of workers, husband and father of twins.

I started working at the age of 18, first as an agricultural laborer in a dairy, then as a general worker in the grinding department in a metalworking company and in the evening as a waiter in a restaurant. Not being able to leave my job for economic reasons, I decide to resume schools working during the day and studying at night. In the meantime, I am promoted as an assistant to the technical office and I get a baccalaureate degree in the evenings. With countless efforts and thanks to the support and support of my wife Silvia, I earn a first three-year degree in Marketing and to pursue a master's degree in Economics and International Law.

I earn two Masters, one in Sales & Marketing from the historic business school of the University of Bologna, the second Master in Design Thinking at the prestigious MIT business school in Boston. I obtain three important certifications: the first as an Innovation Manager at the RINA certification body, the second as an Executive Certificate in Strategy & Innovation from MIT in Boston and the third in C1 Advanced for language proficiency at the EF SET Certificate.

I had the privilege of being cited by Capital magazines, as among the Top 150 managers in Italy under 44 and by Forbes in the ranking of the Top 100 CMOs in Italy. In 2021 I was included as a member of the prestigious Certificate Holders of MIT in Boston, a global network of managers who have obtained an Executive Certificate from MIT.

Over the years I have held roles of increasing responsibility as Trade Marketing Manager, BU Director, Global Sales Director, VP Sales & Marketing in major Italian and foreign multinationals. Today I am Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Development at a leading multinational company in the design and distribution of primary packaging technologies.

In 2020 I obtained the qualification as an adjunct professor of Statistical Analysis I & II at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (qualification obtained but never practiced my profession). Moved by a strong tenacity and an incurable curiosity, I love to constantly reinvent myself. I am a supporter of kind and constructive communication and I encourage the harmony of teamwork and collective growth.

Davide Sartini

“If you want more, become more”

As a manager, I've traveled a lot. This allowed me to gain experiences starting from the bottom up, holding roles of increasing responsibility in important Italian and foreign multinationals. Recently, thanks to my experience as a manager in an SME that I define as a pocket multinational, I had the opportunity to put into practice innovative strategies in sales & marketing: innovations that are have been recognized and awarded both in Italy and abroad. I've always been curious and open to change. I am convinced that diversity is a value and not a defect to be corrected. Moved by a determination characterized by courage, curiosity and humility, I spent most of my life working, studying, reading and experimenting in very life and professional contexts and situations. different from each other.

Over the years I have had the privilege and the opportunity to live experiences that have positively marked me, starting with humble jobs as an agricultural boy and waiter. It is thanks also and above all to the experiences “from below” and by a slow but constant growth. I was cited by Capital magazine as one of the Top 150 managers in Italy under 44, by Forbes in the ranking of the Top 100 CMOs in Italy and in 2021 I returned among the members of the prestigious Certificate Holders of MIT in Boston, a global network of managers who have earned an Executive Certificate from MIT. However, the accolades never made me feel 'arrived'. I recognize myself 100% in the famous Dunning-Kruger effect. That's why I love Jim Rohn's quote: “If you want more, become more.” It's the only way we can fill our abysmal ignorance: study, experiment, risk. In one word: self-determination. For this very personal reason, I decided to give life to my first book Meteors and the second text Code of Self-Determination.

Talk about the challenges that await the human being of the present and that will shape the human being of the future; touch on the key themes of digital growth, green transformation and the courage to change: Meteors this is a journey — in the company of valuable collaborators — towards the future. A leap of faith in technology and science, the real fuels of human development. I like to discern facts from opinions and, alongside what are my personal considerations and points of view, I decided to propose numbers, data, obvious realities, in order to contribute to the public debate or even “only” to what animates our minds. All this, in the hope of adding a piece, even a small one, to our history of innovation and progress.

Davide Sartini

2020 and 2021 were a year marked by the events of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The drama showed our shortcomings but, at the same time, it highlighted our greatest strength: the ability to react.

The Copernicus satellite monitoring service recently announced that 2020 was the hottest year ever recorded in Europe.

The environmental crisis is a real problem and must be tackled in close quarters. Although, it must be said, of different opinion, some political realities of populist origin have been shown that continue to damage the politics (and life) of the West.

Never before, at the time of our rebirth, must we remember who homo sapiens is: the last bulwark of a long evolution characterized by a turbulent history, often problematic but always at the teaches about innovation and what we now call, scientifically, problem solving.

We are not facing a crisis but a revolution.

With Meteore I would like to reaffirm a universal principle: as human beings we are imperfect and fallible, but always ready to raise our heads in the most difficult moments and to overcome challenges thanks to our singularity. History teaches us that.

Today's problems are so many.

The gender and geographic gap in the world of work, the climate crisis aggravated by our behaviors, an economic philosophy to be refounded, digital backwardness and an education system in crisis.

So many challenges, it's true: but we have shown several times that we know how to cope with the power of reason. “To know aude!” the Romans urged.

For this reason I decided to write Meteore and, for the same passion and confidence in culture, science and the power of education, I decided to donate some of the proceeds from the book's sales to Save The Children.

Because children are our future and their health and education should be their fundamental right, only in this way can the new challenges facing humanity be faced.

Davide Sartini




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